Could not retrieve data in past_meetings API

I could not retrieve data from past_meetings method when i pass meetinguuid as parameter.

3001 - meeting does not exist.
“code”: 124,

"message": "Access token is expired."

OAuth type

When i try to access this url through my application…
i get error as meeting does not exist.

I’m able to create the meeting and end the meeting using this API but could not get the past meetings data…
Anyone reported this problem?

Hey @swathi.a ,

Happy to help here. The “Access token is expired” message typically points to your JWT token/Oauth token being expired. To clarify, are you only seeing this particular response for this endpoint only?

In regards to the particular meeting UUID you’ve mentioned here, I am not seeing any details of this meeting ever starting, and if this is indeed the case, the past_meetings endpoint would return the “Meeting does not exist” response that you are seeing. May you confirm on your end?


I have regenerated the token and trying to access the past meetings data ,the meeting which has ended.
I got this uuid after i create a meeting . In ‘list meetings’ data, i can see this in list of meetings.

Hey @swathi.a,

Thank you for following up on this. Can you confirm that the meeting has been started in the past and that there were more than 2 attendees? If not, that would explain why it isn’t appearing in the Get Past Meeting Details API.


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