Country code US not available for host

Started receiving this error today Country code US not available for host
when creating POST /v2/users/me/meetings
I’m passing global_dial_in_countries: ['US']

Any changes on Zoom side here?
what might be causing this all of a sudden?

Hey @alon,

Can you make sure your Zoom Admin did not remove the US from the list of allowed country codes:


He did not. This error suddenly appeared today for all my users all of a sudden from different countries

Thanks for checking @alon,

We will investigate the issue. Can you share your App Name so we can look into it?


Hey Tommy,

Thanks for the help. App name is strmr

Thanks @alon,

We are investigating the issue and will get back to you with an update (ZOOM-143195).

Thanks for your patience,

Now I happened to see this notice on my account… so I guess this explains it :frowning:

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Hey @alon,

True, I guess that explains it haha.