Crash in WebSDK getJoinVoIPTimes

Randomly getting in this crash in web SDK, on chrome, firefox.

The SDK version is 1.7.10

[{“message”:“l.a.getJoinVoIPTimes is not a function”,“name”:“TypeError”,“stack”:“TypeError: l.a.getJoinVoIPTimes is not a function\n at $ (\n at value (\n at ce (\n at qg (\n at hi (\n at Qg (\n at Rg (\n at Sc (\n at Z (\n at ah (\n at xf (\n at HTMLDocument.i (”}]


It’s been weeks we regularly have that as well. We reported a month ago and never got any useful feedback / insight.
This happens when client are leaving / ending a zoom meeting.
I guess it does not have any real influence on performances and looks like a statistic usage after a resource has already been closed but still, would be great to have a feedback from you and a fix, no matter the criticality, it’s just annoying to have the error logs spammed with that.

Hey @nvivot, @nitin1,

We will work on fixing those error messages. (CS-2268)


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