Creating meeting for existing Zoom user

I’ve got the create meeting API working well in my account using JWT authorisation. However, I want to be able to create meetings on behalf of my app’s members because I’m unable to host concurrent meetings on my account.
The members already have a Zoom account, but I can’t see any way to create a meeting for them, other than getting them to register for a developer account with key and secret - there is no way most of them would be able to understand that.
Is there a way I can do this?

No errors

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
using JWT

Which Endpoint/s?
Endpoint is /meetings

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Post a new meeting with a members Zoom id either in the url or as an alternative host - ‘does not belong to this account’.

Hi @tommy.tomato,

If you’re using a JWT app and your members are apart of the same account, then you can still create meetings for them using the same API Key/Secret and their userID/email[1] since JWT is an account wide app.
Are the members apart of your account? If, so can you DM me the userID and I can take a look?

1 -


Thanks for getting back to me, Michael.
I don’t think I explained properly what I want to do. Let me have another try.

People sign up to my app - this makes them members of my app - nothing to do with Zoom.
In the app they create events in the schedule for their group - just event records that get held in my d/b.
Now what I’ve done so far is when they create the event, I can create a Zoom meeting for the same date and time - this works fine.

However, this is created against MY Zoom account - if two members in different groups created a meeting for the same day/time, you can’t run two concurrent meetings, so one would fail.

Now, many of the members already have a Zoom account - nothing to do with me or my app - they have created it for other reasons. But what I’d like to do is create a Zoom meeting for them, using their account. I can’t see how I could do this (without them having developer keys).

I think what you might be suggesting is that I create them as users in my Account? If I do, and they already have a Zoom account for that email address, I assume it won’t let me create it under my account, so then I’m left with the same problem.
Open to suggestions…

Hey @tommy.tomato,

You can do this with the an OAuth app, using the OAuth flow, which allows users to connect their Zoom account to your application so you can create meetings on their behalf.

Let me know if that makes sense.


I want to do the same thing but have a question about my users that will connect their Zoom account. Do they need to be on the Pro plan in order for me to create meetings on their behalf once they’ve granted authorization to my app? Or if they’re on the Basic (free) plan, will that work?

The Zoom pricing page indicates REST API is available starting on the Pro plan so I’m not sure.

Thank you.

Hey @kevin2,

Sorry for the confusion on the pricing page.

Any Zoom user (including basic free) can install apps on the Marketplace for you to create meetings on their behalf. :slight_smile:


Perfect. Thanks!


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Happy to help @kevin2! :slight_smile:


Hi Tommy. I thought that using Oauth required a paid subscription? Don’t you need that to create meetings on another user’s behalf?

Hey @tommy.tomato,

The create meeting endpoint does not require a paid plan, however, you are limited to 1 request per second.