Create a Zoom Meeting Link

I would like to create a zoom meeting link between an admin and an app user in our server and send it to the user. Is it possible to achieve this using JWT in our server and calling the {{baseUrl}}/users/:userId/meetings POST api? I tried, could not get it working in the postman. As we do not have any logged in user in server to server communication, what is “:userID” we need to use. Please suggest.

Hi @Srini,

As long as the user under which you’d like to create the meeting for (the host) belongs to the same account as your JWT credentials this should work.

To clarify, the userId that you pass in the request URL will be the email address of the intended meeting host. The API response should then return a “start_url” for the host and a “join_url” which can be provided to participants.

Let me know if this helps,

Thanks Will for the quick response. I will check this out. I had tried and it did not work when I posted this query earlier. I will double check. Does this API work in Basic plan?

Yes. I checked again. It gives me following error : {“code”:1001,“message”:“User does not exist: email”}. I am trying with the email that I am registered with.

Hi @Srini,

Have you made sure to first create the user under your account, before using their email in the request path for the Create Meeting API? If you don’t create the user under your account first, you will receive this error.


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