Problem with Zoom meeting URL


I have a meeting url like this -

and my participants are not able to join the call, but when I created a new account I got the meeting link like this -

and people were able to join the call.

So what I can see that there are 2 different link one with the main domain and one with the subdomain. So how can I solve this error?

You can add the extension “us04web” in the link above and it would work as great. This problem was also identified in this question:

Do check it out :slight_smile:

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Even with the “us04web” people are not able to join the call.

The original link is -

And I have tried to add “us04web” to the original link and make it

And with this also, people couldn’t join the call.

Here is a error message that the participants were getting.

Hey @dasatmadeep,

It looks like you are using either the Web SDK or Web Client?

Can you let me know so I can help debug the issue?


I’m using the Zoom application on my MacBook.

I see that this link only appears with my specific account, if I use another account on my same device, I get another link and everyone can join the meeting.

Hey @dasatmadeep,

Please share exact steps to reproduce the issue including screenshots and device type and versions.