How do I allow other users to use app?

Hello, I am very new to using the zoom api and creating apps. I recently created a standard OAuth2 app and have it creating meetings just fine. My question is how do I have other users who use my website to auto allow them to use the app I created to create a zoom meeting right on the website? Is that possible? Thank you for any help or suggestions.

Hi @vannessm
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community!
if you just want your users to go to your website and input their information to create a meetings (under your account) without having to user their own Zoom accounts, you could either be working with a OAuth app or you could benefit from our Server to Server Oauth app

Hello thank you for your response, I am working with a OAuth app. I think I already found the answer to my question but just to make sure, it would need to be published to the marketplace to let others use it correct? There is no way to let anyone use it without it being published?

Hi @vannessm
If you are planning to make API calls on behalf of others then yes, the app needs to be published.
so if you want your customers to authorize the app and have them use their own zoom account to book meetings, then yes it needs to be an Oauth app and it has to be published in the Zoom Marketplace

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