Create API Rate Limits Information

We are trying to make an application with Zoom where the application, when requested, will generate the zoom meeting link and share it with two end-users.

To do so, the application, when requested, will generate a meeting link using CreateAPI and share the Join-Url detail (CreateAPI response) with the users.
and the same flow will be followed whenever the two new end-user requests for a meeting.

  1. Is this Feasible, as there are chances two different end users would have a meeting at the same time?

  2. The documentation of CreateAPI says, “only 100 Create a Meeting API requests are permitted within a 24 hour window for a user.”. So I’ll be using one account to create a meeting for my two end user, does that mean I cannot create 101 meeting ?

  3. The new rate limits
    will remove 100 request create api clause ?

Let’s say the frequency is 10-20 meeting per min.

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Hi @himanshu.arora,

The chances of two different users having the same meeting ID is very low.

Yes, we limit this to only 100 per day for each user. To create more meetings, you would need to have other

The new rate limit will still enforce this rule.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Hi @michael_p.zoom,

Thanks for the response.

Just wanted to be clear, If I use single account to create meetings using Zoom API then I can only make 100 requests per day and If I want to make 101 request I have to use different user, right ?

The use case is we have to schedule meetings between two people and the frequency will be high, I don’t want to store their data ( by creating user in my application and give them zoom account ) in my application.

Could you please suggest better way to handle this situation with Zoom ?

Does zoom provide any account pooling such that If I want to create more meetings with single sub-account then 101 request goes to different account ?

Yes that is correct.

The best way would be to create enough users to handle the frequency of meetings created.

Not at this time, we do not link separate accounts. You can assign a license to another user within the account only to create more meetings.


Thanks @michael_p.zoom for quick revert.

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Let us know if you have additional questions! :slight_smile:


Hi @tommy,

I have a question related to parallel meetings, from this link I learnt that a host can create two different meeting at the same time but cannot run those meeting parallely.

Now if there are 2 meetings created from the same user account for the same time but both meetings have different alternate hosts. Then would these meetings be able to run in parallel ? I

I think yes because alternate hosts could start those meetings, right? Please confirm.

@himanshu.arora I tested against that very use case the other day with a developer, and we learned…

No, alternative hosts CANNOT run meetings in parallel with a host who is in a different meeting (since webinars and meetings are created on the user/host).