Project configuration to integrate zoom SDK using C# to create a windows application

Hi, Hope ur doin all well.
I am creating a zoom clone Desktop application using C# and WPF framework. I have problems while integrating the Zoom SDK , sdk key and sdk secret were already generated, I am stuck at the starting point, how to integrate the SDK inside my project.
I’ve dowloaded the C# Wrapper, got the “zoom_sdk_dotnet_wrap.dll” and added it to my project as reference, and i don’t know what to do next ?
Hope u can help me here .

Hi @io_benakmoum

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoo Developer Forum and welcome to our community, I am happy to help here!
Have you looked into our documentation already?

Also, as stated in our Docs, we do not support the C# wrapper since it is a community project.

Hope this helps,

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Hi @elisa.zoom thanks for ur response.
I am trying to build a desktop application and integrate Zoom Meetings SDK, (sdk key and secrets were already generated), i’ve already read the documentation, but i didn’t find enough answers especially at project configurations :
- What does it mean that the C# wrapper is no longer supported?
- Is there any road maps that can help me ?
- Is it possible to integrate the SDK to a C# desktop application ?

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