Create Meeting API: issue with waiting room vs. passcode scenario

We have a user with Waiting Room switched off but seemingly unlocked and Meeting Passcode on but seemingly unlocked. It seems like this situation isn’t listed in table in the blog post about the new API changes ( What is the expected behavior from the Create Meeting API endpoint when no meeting passcode or waiting room is specified?


Currently the behavior is that the meeting is set up with a waiting room but with no passcode generated. This is the opposite of what this user has set up…

Screenshots (If applicable)

Any help is much appreciated!

Actually if I’m understanding correctly, this situation is captured by Scenario 6. If that’s true, does our API request need to specify a passcode?

Hey @joet,

Was there a passcode previously set for this meeting? If so, the previous passcode would be remain even though it may not be reflected in the API response. If the meeting didn’t have a passcode previously, the intended behavior is that the waiting room would be enabled after an update is made via API.

Let me know if this helps to clarify—and feel free to share any additional information if the behavior you’re seeing seems different. I’m happy to take a closer look!


Thanks! This is in the case of creating a new meeting for the user after the September 27 update, so there was no previous meeting

Hey @joet,

Thanks for confirming. Let me know if you still have any questions.


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