Create Meeting from SDK using JWT, ZAK and token

I’m trying to implement an Android application which should be able to join and start new meetings, I’ve implemented the “join meeting” part but using the joinMeetingWithParams function in the MeetingService, I looked in the docs and it seems like startMeetingWithParams is what I need in order to start new meetings but for me looks like this has exactly the same effect as joinMeetingWithParams as the meeting needs to be initiated from somewhere else. I’m not logging the user in but I’m getting the JWT, ZAK and Zoom Token from the RESTful API.

Hi oscar.rene1989,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK.

  • If you just simply want to join a meeting, you can use the joinMeetingWithParams.
  • If you would like to start or join a meeting using Zoom Token and ZAK, you could use startMeetingWithParams for both scenarios. We will identify whether the user that owns the ZAK is the host or not. If it is the host, then we will let the user start and host the meeting, if it is not the host, then we will let the user to join the meeting instead.

You may get more info in our doc:

Hope this helps. Thanks!