Create meeting property in API for join link in confirmation registration page

Create a meeting

Since the changes from Oct 17 2022. I wonder if there is a new option in the API to allow show the join link to the meeting directly in confirmation page after registration with this option enable by default.


Hi @rodrom ,

sorry for the delay here.
Please let me know if my understanding here is correct:

1] User A is registered for a meeting through API.
2] Is the ask here that the API response should contain a join link?

Hi @ojus.zoom ,

  1. Meeting A with mandatory register is created through API.
  2. What is the option needed in the request to activate the join link visible in the confirmation page.

Users register by the registration link send in the response through common ZOOM form for this type of meetings.


Hi @rodrom ,

So, if the approval_type of your meeting registration is not “1” i.e. manually approve, then you should be able to get the join link when you call the add meeting registrant api.


Ok, thanks @ojus.zoom . But I think, I am not explaining right the question.

I am not sending the join link directly to anyone. I am sending the registration link to the participants. Then, they register using the form, and, then, they get in the email and the confirmation page the (custom) join link for their registration.

My doubt is how to set up the meeting directly with the API to allow show the join link after the HTTP form registration of the participant in the confirmation page (there was a change planned in the functionality since October). Now, it is working because I asked directly to the support team to keep the old flow. And maybe, because everything was halt. According to that release note linked.

But, in case, I want to know if there is any plan to have a similar option for this issue in the API spec for create meeting. For example, it is possible to allow or not sharing in social networks (show_share_button) or accessing from multiple Devices (allow_multiple_devices) are available like boolean properties.