Create meeting using approval_type = 0, asks registrants for registration

Hi, until few days ago my meetings were being created using approval_type = 0, and registrants were able to join the meetings by using the join URL, without having to go through a registration page. Since some days ago, after a registrant clicks the join meeting button, it is not redirected for joining the meeting but it’s redirected to a registration page instead. Definitely this behavior has changed, and i’d like to know if is there some work around in order to get this working as it did on before ?
SDK Web Version : 2.2.0
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After several tests I’ve realized that I was doing something wrong when generating the Zoom Api Key. Please, disregard this topic.
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Thank you for posting, @djpacheco16! It looks like you resolved the problem already. Please feel welcome to write us again if you have any additional questions.


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