How to automatically approve newly added meeting registrants when approval_type is set to "manually"?

I’d like to automatically approve meeting registrants when I add them via API
using this API call when approval_type is set to “manually”.
E.g. I’d like to pass status: 'approved' or approve: true field to that request.

Currently this can be achieved when meeting approval_type is set to 0, which means that any registrant is automatically approved.

If the meeting approval_type is set to 1 (manually), then in order to get the join_url, 3 requests are required instead of 1 request.

  1. create registrant
  2. update registrant status to approved
  3. get a list of meeting registrants (and extract the join url from the response)

I wouldn’t mind setting meeting approval type to 0 (automatically approve),
which will allow me to get the join_url from the response, when creating registrant.

The problem is that there is no way to hide registration url from existing registrants,
which allows them to share the registration url with anyone and allow anyone
to register and be approved automatically. The registration url is available to any existing registrant when they attempt to join the meeting.
This is mentioned here: I want to hide or disable Invite button for Participants window in zoom meeting API

Currently I’m stuck with having to make 3 requests (mentioned above) in order to create a registrant and get the join_url.

btw. is there a way to fetch a single registrant by registrant_id or do I always have to fetch the whole list?

Hi, in Webinars there is a way to get the information of a specific registrant ( but in Meetings there isn’t yet. I hope Zoom developers consider to add this.

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My workflow is same as you. What I did is.

  1. Create Registrant using API (with approval set to manual / will not get join_url)
  2. Update registrant status to approved. (will return null)
  3. While doing above I’m turning on webbook ‘Meeting registrant created’ so I can update join_url to my database without touching any ‘list of meeting registrants api’

Hope this help.

webhook ref :

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@pingchp thank you for suggesting the solution.

In my case webhook solution would be more complicated though.

I found that as a workaround, I can make another create registrant request, with the same details, which will return existing registrant and act as “get registrant”

Still, whether a webhook or request, that requires 3 steps instead of one step, therefore it would be best if the “create registrant” API endpoint simply accepted approve: true field.

Hey @bartosz.blimke,

If you are just trying to prevent the join_url being sent to the participants who register when using automatically approve, you can turn registrant emails off:


Thanks @tommy

I’m trying the participants not to share the “registration url” with others, not the “join url”. Registration url is visible to participants when they join the meeting. When they share the registration url and auto approve is configured then anyone can register who receives the registration url.

Hey @bartosz.blimke,

We are developing a security feature to only allow the registration join_url to be used once.

Stay updated here:


How to turn approval_type to manually after meeting is created?

Hi @zoom51 you can use the Update Meeting API to change registration approval settings: