Create my own code and user email with no duplicate

Hello: I need that users connect to my streaming with their email and one code that I generate. Individual for every single person. And also, control there are not duplicate access. Is possible to do that? If yes, can you tell me how, please?

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Hi @anjemalo ,

Sorry I am having a bit trouble understanding.

Do you mean a webinar or meeting stream? We have a live streaming app for open access: App Marketplace

If you want to limit access to your stream, you could integrate your stream to a 3rd party site, but you would have to create an authentication process there.

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Thanks for your response.
I try to define it better.

I want to teach online classes and I hope to have a large audience.
Can do it directly from Zoom?

I need, first if possible, that the users do not have to install any application,
that is, that with the link that I sent them and with the access data they enter
the class via web. I generate a code for each person who wants to access that class.
So, with his/her email and this code I think it would be enough to control access.
I hope I have explained myself better.
Many thanks

Hi @anjemalo , you can use the Zoom Meeting or Video SDK to host a meeting or video session on your own site. You can send invites with the link to your meeting or video session so they can access the live instances.

You can set a password for the meeting/sessions and set it that only people who are authenticated and use the password can access it.

Check out how they comare: Video SDK and Meeting SDK comparison - Zoom Support

See this thread for creating a virtual classroom with zoom:

If you decide to go with the Video SDK for web, we have some developer workshop recordings to help you get started: