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hello !, to put in context I explain the following. pretend to zoom in on an application that is already in production which was assembled in ionic 4, this application must simulate cytophony, which from the mobile application must call a web system, we were looking at the documentation but we could not understand if necessary have new users so that each one can call independently, we have installed the sdk in the mobile application successfully but we have not been able to apply the creation of users since the documentation is somewhat confusing, could you help us with some tips to carry out this?

Hello @sim.munoz

Could you please link to the specific documentation that is confusing you, and reference the exact items relative to each step of the workflow you are developing please?

Also…what is “cytophony”…? I’ve never heard of that before (or was it a typo)???

Yes, it was a typo, we are trying the following.

Create new users through the zoom API, and we have performed the following steps.

1- We create the application to be able to connect through the SDK (success)

2- We create the OAuth application to be able to use the api and it is here where we are a little stuck since we cannot access the user creation, I will attach an image so that it can be a little more detailed.

3- we access the api examples but when obtaining the access token we have the following error.
(Invalid redirect: (4,700))

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Hey @sim.munoz,

The “No privilege” error means you must have a Pro or higher Zoom account to create users.

For the redirect error on the “Send a test request” feature on our docs, make sure you whitelist in your app settings.


Hi tommy, is there a hotline to contact the sales team, I sent an email two weeks ago but I still have no answers.

Hey @sim.munoz,

Here is our contact page:

Apologies for the delays, the support team is working as best they can to keep up with the volume of questions.