I need to create and activate zoom users through the API without a user interactions.

I have the same scenario discussed in Create and activate zoom user whithout user interaction

I found the “custCreate” and “autoCreate” options.
I want more information about these options such as what are the functionalities we can enable if we create users by using these options?

My requirement is that the user should get access to functionalities such as Chat, Channels, Contacts, and Meetings

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

Hi @pratap,

I can see that we’ve already connected over at Developer Support, so I will continue the conversation there.


Hi Will,

We are building a custom chat and messaging application using ZOOM APIs.

Our requirements:

  1. Chat between the licensed users
  2. Chat between the non-licensed (Basic) users

Can you guide us on how we can achieve this

Hey @pratap,

Let me know if you saw my email from today—I’ll continue there. Thanks!


Thank you for your assistance @will.zoom

No problem, Pratap! :slight_smile:

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