CreateUser zoom api for multiple users

I need to use the create user api to build an integration with zoom. I would need help on the below questions on this user api.

Question 1:- 1) Could you please help me with a sample response in case of multiple users? (We are trying to figure out the licensing details and hence am not being able to fire this api now. I guess this does not work with free accounts)

  1. In case of multiple users, suppose I send 10 users and have errors for 2 users (i.e. they fail user creation) how is the response sent back in this case.

These details would help me a lot. Any help with these will be greatly appreciated.


Hey @dipankar86,

Thank you for reaching out and welcome to the forum! In regard to your first point, that is correct, you would need a Pro Plan or higher to use the Create User API. Further, there is currently no way to batch create users with the API. Instead, you would make a request for each user that you want to create and monitor the return status for any errors.



Thank you for your reply. So if I understand correctly both in case of create user and delete user we can only send one user detail in a single request to the api.

Hey @dipankar86,

That’s correct—we don’t currently support batch updates/requests, though it is something we hope to offer in the future.



Thank you for the confirmation.

No problem, glad I could help clarify!

Hey @will.zoom ,

We have this requirement where we need to run multiple rooms parallelly ( interview scheduling ), but here in this zoom sdk integration in angular as we are providing our credentials manually as host (role :1).

this.meetConfig = {
//signatureEndpoint : ‘http://localhost:4000’,
apiKey : ‘K2EapjrSRlOgAxDADlrHZA’,
apiSecret : ‘1CJiXVXq9c101MUMJJ6oI1T7pzCmyXAfb8tr’,
meetingNumber : ‘2660072722’,
role : 1,
leaveUrl : ‘http://localhost:4200’,
userName : ‘AngularVideoCall’,
userEmail : ‘’,
passWord : ‘DU7BW2’,

Here we are unable to achieve multiple rooms at same time .Could you please walk us through what approach we need to follow so that we can generate credentials dynamically and create multiple rooms without providing any static credentials.

Hi @tarun96.k,

Since this is a question about our Web SDK, please post this here: #client-web-sdk.

However, I should quickly note that in order to start several concurrent meetings, you’ll need to have unique hosts for each, and so your signatures will have different meetingNumbers with different hosts.


Ok thanks, that was helpful.

Glad we could help! :slight_smile:

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