Create seesion and got error 1509

video sdk version: 1.5.3
Device: vivo V2121A-30
OS: Android 11
The following problems occurred when creating the session,After generating jwt token and create a session with this JWT ,always got error: Session error: 1509

Hey there! Thanks for your post!

I’ve requested further information from our development team to help fill out the error page located here -

Once I have the 1509 error details, I’ll let you know. Thanks!

Kelly, thank you so much for your prompt response.

ZoomVideoSDKErrors_JoinSession_Token_RoleType_EmptyOrWrong = 1509,
role value is int

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Thank you for your guidance. We will check it out and keep you posted.

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Here is a full list for Android - each language should have a list like this in the constants.

thank you all for your response, i will use this!

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