Create User API Missing ID and Name in Response

When creating a user via POST /users, sometimes the id and name fields are blank in the response. This seems to happen when a user account is being requested to be made that already exists in the master account/other sub account. In any case, if the user already exists somewhere, I would expect the response 409 Conflict with error code 1005 ‘Email “$email” has already been used.’


“user_info”: {
“email”: “”,
“type”: “1”,
“last_name”: “Doe”,
“first_name”: “John”
“action”: “ssoCreate”

“id”: “”,
“first_name”: “”,
“last_name”: “”,
“email”: “”,
“type”: 1

Note that the I changed the values sent/returned in the example above, to protect the actual user details that were actually sent/returned.

There was a similar issue posted a few months ago, but the OP and the Zoom employee continued the conversation over PMs, and then closed the topic without any updates regarding the resolution.

Hi @afharrison ,

Thanks for bringing this to the forum. I am going to get more info from you via private message, but then create a ticket with service engineering about the API behavior and updating the response for conflicts. I’ll share the service engineering ticket here on the public post.