User does not exist:

I was sending a request to create a meeting but no matter what I passed as a user id (email, user id, or me) I keep getting User does not exist message. I called get user method and take user id from the response but still getting the same error message.

I am also facing the same issue .

I’m also having the same problem.

Hey @PasinduDew, @samson, @ahaile,

Can you please message me the userID you are passing in?


Hi Tommy,

Thank you for the response. I used below IDs and Emails and got the same response.

“id”: “5ZM5eN_pRCuxOkUMbk46FA”
“email”: “

“id”: “r7c6lnaATKu5oH8G_P6zNw”
“email”: “

Thankd you,

I’m also getting the same error every time I try.

Are you guys using a JWT or account-level OAuth app?

Hi @ahaile,

Are these users underneath your account?

@samly - Thanks for helping out! :grinning:

Hi Michael,
Yes those users are mine.

Hey @ahaile, @msembijoseph4,

Are you using JWT or OAuth? If OAuth, what is the name of your App?

Can you also share your request body JSON?

Once I know this, I can investigate further. :slight_smile: