Getting 409 (email already exists, code: 1005) even if user is not created

When I try to create user using zoom api getting 409 error, code: 1005 (user already exists with email), and after this error if I try get user api with same email gets User does not exist: userEmail (404, code: 1001)

user email already exists (409, code: 1005)
and after use get user api with same email - User does not exist: userEmail (404, code: 1001)

Which Endpoint/s?
custCreate user POST:
get a user GET:${userEmail}

How To Reproduce
sample user email -

Hi @adminwise,

I’ve removed the email addresses from your post since this is a public topic. But I can see the first one you had included and the last one you had included both are existing users.

Do you experience the same issue when querying based on user ID?


As mentioned in the issue, we don’t cannot create, delete or get the user using API.
Can share a new set of email IDs to identify the issue.

Hi @adminwise,

Can you please open a ticket with us at and share some examples emails and the requests with us there?


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