Create zoom meeting using javascript please help

Create zoom meeting using javascript please help

Hey @roshan321992naukri

Thanks fo much for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community, I am happy to help here!

Have you tried using our APIs with Postman???

This will help you to understand how to make API calls before implementing them into your code.
Hope this helps

Thank you for the response i have integrated the same but Am getting response as zero in POST API


Hey @roshan321992naukri
Have you tried passing the parameter “me” instead of the email?

Okay i will check and revert. Thank you for the help

@elisa.zoom @tommy am getting the same error, attaching the screenshot for your reference

Hey @roshan321992naukri

Could you please try to replicate this issue using postman?
Could you share the request URL and Body that you are sending when creating the meeting?

JSON BODY: request.AddJsonBody(new { topic = “Meeting with Ussain”, start_time = “2021-05-20T05:00:00”, type = “2” });

Hey @roshan321992naukri

Thanks for sharing that with me…
Your URL is missing the parameter /users/ it should look like this

Here is a link to our Docs:

@elisa.zoom I have replaced the api with but also showing the same error

@elisa.zoom getting the error @ attached the screenshot for your refrence

no proper guide to read the JWT documentation

no proper page for AUTH Documentation


Here is the link to our Docs