Create Zoom Meeting via API with template_id fails

When we create a new meeting using the below URL:


and payload:

	"type": 2,
	"topic": "RD's Mystery Adventure",
	"userId": "<Hidden>",
	"duration": 60,
	"schedule_for": "<Hidden>",
	"start_time": "2022-04-11T08:00:00.000Z",	"template_id ": "4PhXBqe6T3CLsnkXuKVKtQ",
	"timezone ": "Europe/Istanbul",
	"settings": {
		"approval_type": 2

We get a meeting that is not created from the template.

Check the link here: Sign In - Zoom

We need to find an urgent fix to this problem. Can anyone help?

Hi @Bavishi

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
How are you creating your template? are you getting the template ID via API?

Hey Elisa,

Yes, we are first fetching the list of template IDs, then passing the correct template ID in the request.

Please check the shared JSON request above.

Can you please let us know what are we doing wrong?

Hi @Bavishi

Thanks for your prompt response.
According to our Documentation here:

You have to have the Account admin meeting templates feature enabled.
Do you have them enabled already? if not, feel free to reach out to

Hope this helps,

Hey Elisa,

Can you please let us know, where do we check this in the app?

The templates that we created were from the admin account, but we are not sure if they need to be approved separately or there’s a feature that needs to be enabled, prior to using these templates.

Also, we are using the templates API, as it’s mentioned in the API docs. Check:


HI @Bavishi I can see that you are indeed getting a list of your templates with the name and type.
If you noticed in the response you sent me, the type of templates are type 1: meeting template.
Which means that the Account admin meeting templates feature is not enabled in the account.

Please reach out to Developer Support to ask for this feature to be enabled:


Hey Elisa,

Actually, we have already raised a ticket for this, before creating a query, here, but there has been no response from the support team. Here’s the Ticket ID: # [13947101]

I’d appreciate if you can expedite the resolution for this.

Hey @Bavishi

I have looked into the ticket that you shared with me. I will engage with the team and will update you shortly