Creating a Forced Grayscale API for Participants?

Hi there,

I’m currently a psychology student at a university and I want to hold an experiment that involves the use of grayscale and learning.

I basically want to see how it influences their mood and engagement and maybe even their grades in a course, if that makes sense, so this experiment might be a semester long. I think it may be easier to hold this kind of experiment on an online format like Zoom. My vision is that whenever participants would go into a zoom meeting, everyone’s cameras and the teacher’s shared screen would be forced into grayscale instead of color. However, I don’t really know anything about Zoom API. How could I approach this?

For some context, there was a study done about 2-3 years ago that found that college students who had turned their phone on grayscale mode for a week had reduced their daily screen time by roughly 38 minutes. Those same researchers also found that when compared to a group that used their phones normally, the grayscale phone group had reduced anxiety levels.