In-App Zoom Tutorial or FAQ

Zoom is the greatest! It has been a real support for me and many others during sheltering in place. It also has many incredible extra features.

I think it would be super nice to have a Zoom Tutorial video or FAQ page within the app, and it can increase the safety of Zoom.
Especially for elderly users, and/or people new to zoom, it can be difficult for them to figure out these questions on their own:

How do I turn on gallery view?
I’m hearing feedback when I speak. What’s happening?
How do I annotate during a screen share?
How can I make people stop annotating during a screen share?
How can I give myself a custom image or video background?
How do I end a meeting for everyone without it still going after I leave?
​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ I find this question very important, I’ve heard stories of teachers leaving zoom meetings, but accidentally assigning a student as the new host.
How do I disable chat?
How do I disable private messaging?
How do I mute someone else?
How can I know for sure my meeting is secure and random people or siblings of students can’t join later?
Two of my students were tricky, turned off their cameras, and made their Zoom names the exact same. What do I do??
Can I force someone to turn on their mic or camera?
How can I kick out a user? Can I give them a 'kick-out message?
Can I put one student in a ‘time out’ break out room where they have limited access?

We could probably brain storm tons of more questions. Most of these, ave been asked to me by real people, and usually it’s very hard to give an adequate answer while Zoom Conferencing (Especially to elderly or new users).

A comprehensive tutorial (maybe even in video format) would be super super helpful. Maybe even a Zoom ‘Course’ for new users.

I hope you can find this idea useful.
Thank you very much,

• I just remembered, you already have a FAQ on the Zoom Website. An in-app FAQ page I think would be super generous to those who are less techsavy.
• I also remembered, you have an idea submission area in the Zoom app. There could be a FAQ submission too!

Here’s a private poll people can partake in:

  • An In-App Zoom Tutorial or FAQ would be superb
  • The website FAQ is just fine
  • I didn’t need a FAQ I explored and found everything just fine.

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Hey @Jonathan,

Thank you for the compliments and the feedback!

This is a great idea, and I will pass this on to our support team / platform team.

In the meantime, we have been producing many youtube videos lately to help with some of these questions that you can share with your user base:


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