Creating a Job to auto create users

hi, i have a requirement to automatically pick some select individuals from our system and if they pass a criteria then use the zoom APIs to go ahead and create/terminate those users in zoom on a daily basis.

when creating a user we have 3 points to consider. we need the user added to a specific group, IM Group and a department based on some criteria within our system(only if he qualifies for a Zoom account).

i faced few issues as below:

  1. i was able to create a user with action=create. But the initial creation call does not allow to add the user to a department. i was able to add it using an update call. will i always require a create call and then an update call to update user details like department and timezone etc.? why cant i do it with simply a create call.
  2. Creation of the user always creates a user in pending status. i am not able to add a user having pending status to a group or IM Group. our system will never get this trigger of when the user activated his account and so we will never be able to add him to a group or IM Group. is there a way i can create a user using API directly in an active state instead of pending?

Hi @anas.sagheer,

Yes, you would have to make the additional update call after creating the user. We don’t allow additional actions within create user because other users would want another particular action included as well and each endpoint needs to be a simplistic as possible.
Also, our API is designed to have created user as pending and not active. The user will receive an invitation email, so he can activate his account by clicking the activation link