Creating a meeting recording bot

I’m curious to know if a bot can join a zoom meeting.

The above mentioned thread talks about this, however this was long ago. The link ends on the note that making a bot join a zoom meet for recording purpose is not possible. However there are zoom integrations like and etc who are able to do so. These services talk about “virtual attendee”, so I’m expecting that it is possible now for a bot to join a zoom session. Need more guidance.

@anshufirefox We have a feature in beta that will allow you to create applications that run within a Zoom Meeting. We plan to release this feature to the public in the near future but in the meantime, you can find more information here:

I am making an application for the purpose of live transcription of zoom sessions. While the Zoom APIs do allow access to the audio and video stream via custom streaming method using an RTMP server, Zoom APIs do not provide timestamps of the speakers or they do not actually categorize the audio stream according to participants.

I am curious to know if bots can be helpful in the categorization of audio stream or is there any workaround for time stamps?

Hi, @anshufirefox,

Great question! I’ll have to seek guidance from our engineers on this subject. To ensure I understand correctly, can you share more details about what you’ve tried and the pain points you are facing in your development process? Having this knowledge will help us to better understand the best path forward for what you are trying to accomplish. Also, we are always looking to improve to meet developer needs better. Please feel welcome to submitted your user story for consideration here:


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