Zoom bot to record meetings

We’re building tools to help our university department’s STEM community programs. One aspect of this is having alumni give Zoom talks to middle- and high-school classes.

We want to record these. However, the host always varies, and they often end up forgetting to record. Often, the host isn’t part of our org (e.g. the teacher often hosts). Therefore, we want to build a tool that can automatically record meetings.

After doing some research, there seems to be a standard approach for third-party recording: to have a bot drop in and start recording the meeting (with all of the required consent, of course). This is the approach taken by gong.io, grain.co, fireflies.ai, etc. so it seems like it’s a Zoom-approved approach.

However, based on our research into the Zoom developer documentation, we couldn’t figure out how this functionality is supported. In fact, when we searched more broadly, it looked like people were suggesting using tools like Selenium to programmatically emulate Zoom on a browser and record the emulated browser. This seems like a particularly roundabout way to achieve this, so I wanted to reach out and ask how this type of functionality is typically implemented.

Hi there, just wanted to resurface this thread. Thank you for your help!

Hey @SU-community,

This is a really great question! I’m tracking down a list of best practices when it comes to transcription apps for another issue. Please send an email to developersupport@zoom.us with a link to this thread.

I’ll use that ticket to track this issue and get back to you when I have confirmation on how this can be implemented.


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