Creating a new meeting


Every time I create a new meeting I get the following message:

FATAL:CmmAudioSessionMgr.cpp(3126)] Assert failed: 0.

Does anyone know what to do?


Hi Daniel, 

Do you have audio issue while you are in the meeting? There is no the above message when I run MobileRTCSample, Do you use the latest iOS SDK in the Github (




I have downloaded and tested the MobileRTCSample. Everything works fine. The trouble happens when I put the API into my own project. 

Everytime I try to create a new meeting, I get the Assert failed error. Am I missing something?  First I sign in to my own account and after that I create a new meeting. I know that it works because if I have started a meeting, I will receive an option to end that meeting so that I can start a new one (my account is limited to 1 meeting room at a time). However, I get the “FATAL:CmmAudioSessionMgr.cpp(3126)] Assert failed: 0.” immediately after.


Source code:

Hi Daniel:

thank you for choose zoom. 

"FATAL:CmmAudioSessionMgr.cpp(3126)] Assert failed: 0.”. It’s just one of internal log.

Assume that it will not impact your app. You can just ignore here.

Any Influence, you can raise here.

It has an impact on my app because create meeting will stop creating a meeting a meeting as soon as I get the message. I can’t create a new meeting.

Hi Daniel:

i had go through your sample code, i still want to get steps in detail that you meet.

Can you help to provide each step that had been done, something like 1,2,3…. it will be helpful for me to reproduce it.

Thank you.


Here is the link to the latest code:

Just run the app on a emulator or iphone. Tap “GO” and it will automatically try to create a meeting and fail.

Steps I took:

  1. Authenticate SDK

  2. Login

  3. Try to create meeting

hi Daniel:

from your sample code.

1.SDK Auth

  1. login

  2. startMeetingWithDictionary to start meeting. No.6362502898 is one meeting that Disable Join before host. If user that login is the host of this meeting, you can start meeting successfully, otherwise you need to wait until host join the meeting.

What do u mean for create meeting fail? startMeetingWithDictionary interface is used for start one meeting, not create meeting.

i got confused here.

I have found the problem. I override the method

  • (void)onJBHWaitingWithCmd:(JBHCmd)cmd

like so

  • (void)onJBHWaitingWithCmd:(JBHCmd)cmd
        MobileRTCMeetingService *ms = [[MobileRTC sharedRTC] getMeetingService];
        if (ms)
            //[ms leaveMeetingWithCmd:LeaveMeetingCmd_Leave]; <- problem line of code. commented out this line to fix everything.
            _isMeetingStarted = false;

Putting [ms leaveMeetingWithCmd:LeaveMeetingCmd_Leave]; in - (void)onJBHWaitingWithCmd:(JBHCmd)cmd created the Assert failed error.

Thanks for all the help!

hi Daniel:

Create. Any problems, feel free to post here. We will feedback ASAP.