Can't join meeting from second try

according to sdk comments, I should use MobileRTCSDKInitContext to init sdk which replace “[[MobileRTC sharedRTC] setMobileRTCDomain: siteUrl];”.
new mode works well against Zoom meeting service, but can’t join second time against other zoom vender service.
SDK will callback this function:

  • ( void )onMeetingError:(MobileRTCMeetError)error message:(NSString*)message
    ///The meeting does not exist.
    MobileRTCMeetError_MeetingNotExist = 8,
    error = MobileRTCMeetError_MeetingNotExist

once this happens user have to kill app and restart. In a words, app only join one time with “MobileRTCSDKInitContext” init sdk mode. If roll back to “[[MobileRTC sharedRTC] setMobileRTCDomain:xxxx]”, this issue goes away.

If zoom remove deprecated functions next version, I can’t integrate new sdk because I have zoom and other vender’s service.

Which version?

Hi guan_bj,

Thanks for the post. What is “other zoom vender” service? Do you mean the official Zoom client?

Could you provide more information on how can we reproduce this issue?


Hi Carson
You know there are several resale company in China. Their service version is not latest version, I mean the vender company is these resale company. The major difference feature is on “Reactions”, Zoom has this feature, other company has no.

Hi guan_bj,

Thanks for the reply. This is a very interesting scenario. Could you provide some app’s names of the Zoom vendors/Reseller that has this issue so we could further investigate and testing this situation?