Creating a transcription event


I am developing a feature for our zoom marketplace app that will allow users to attach a link of their cloud recording to their relevant piece of data in our app as well as a attach the transcription.

I have two questions

  1. As a member of a PRO account. How can I develop and test cloud transcriptions? Does zoom have some sort of limited developer access so that devs can create apps and functionality for Business tier customers?

  2. Assuming you do not have a limited developer access. That means I need to develop this feature blindly. And rely on the marketplace functionality review to ensure it works :man_facepalming: . Not ideal, but if this is my only option (we are a small team with big customers and cannot afford a 10 person business tier account). I found the documentation to be confusing Zoom API Events - Meeting

The documentation uses the same wording as the similar recording events. For example
**download_url ** | string | The URL at which to download the the recording.

Should I assume that by recording you mean transcript? Is there anyway I can see what a response actually looks like or an actual example so I can develop based off of that?


Hi @qhenkart
thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
Are you developing a feature for an app that is already published in the Marketplace?
I do not understand what you mean when you say you would develop this feature blindly, do you mean that you won’t be able to test with your production credentials? Could you please shed more light on this?

@qhenkart Unfortunately you do need to upgrade to a Business account to test Business account functionality, such as transcription.

Have you considered running the running the recording through a transcription provider on your end as an alternative option to support Pro account customers as well?

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