Developer accounts?


We are developing on Zoom but are a small team. We want to incorporate transcriptions - but these are only available on 10 user + “Small Business” plans. This means there’s no obvious way for us to develop & test without buying this.

(We cannot buy this - we are only a very small team and only have 2 Zoom users).

Is there a way for us to access the higher-tier features for development and testing purposes?


Hi @samdoeswork,

Thanks for reaching out about this—While we aren’t able to offer a trial for Pro or higher licenses at the moment, I understand how this would be helpful.

For the time being, if you need to be able to work with certain endpoints, you might consider looking into the monthly option and then canceling after a month if it doesn’t suit your needs. You can find our plans and pricing here:


We have Pro but we need the audio transcript APIs, which are only available starting from 10 Teams users & literally not sold for my company size.

This year we’ve built extensions for Oracle Eloqua, Monday, Salesforce, and HubSpot. Every single one of these companies provides legitimate developers with access to any tier.

Are you 100% sure this is Zoom’s policy? I’ve not encountered this anywhere as a system integrator.

We want to develop on Zoom. We are credible & can demonstrate significant previous work with similar companies. But my understanding of Zoom’s policies towards third party developers is:

a) Not possible to meet with a dev relations person or product manager (unlike every company I mentioned above)
b) Zoom apps are coming unknown date - we’re not invited into the beta and cannot even join a wait-list or present our case
c) No process exists to even give developers access to the APIs they need to build their apps

Please could you check internally that your stance is truly as above on all 3 points? These are not typical positions. We are really trying to work with you here & just need basic access.

Hi @samdoeswork,

Thanks for the reply, and I can appreciate the frustration. While we don’t have an official offering for a developer environment, can I kindly ask that you share some more details about your use case and the APIs you need to access with me directly at I can see if there are any alternatives we might be able to offer.


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