Creating a Webinar With Custom Questions Using Zoom Android SDK

Hi team,

I want to create a Webinar with some custom questions using Android SDK.

After creation of the Webinar i need to get all the details of the participants who ever register for Webinar and answers to the custom questions.

I need to fetch the details of each user like his name, email, his answers to custom questions etc.

And in Webinar can i fetch the chats dynamically while the Webinar is going on ?

Please provide any github code or sample source code for Webinar creation.

Thank you,

Hi Shankar,

Thanks for the post. Are you using Zoom default UI or Custom UI? If you are using Zoom default UI and the meeting number belongs to a webinar, then the webinar interface will present.

You may schedule a webinar using

You could leverage the listener onChatMessageReceived( to get the chat message.

Hope this helps. Thanks!