Creating a zoom link to join meeting

I have a webapp that has modified the Zoom UI. I want to create a link that can invite participants directly to the meeting?

Hi @ameliashort331,

If you want to provide participants with a link to join your meeting, you can query our GET Meeting API endpoint and grab the join_url from the response. This link will provide participants with a direct link to join the meeting.

Let me know if this helps!

I’ve tried to access that endpoint and got “{“code”:124,“message”:“Invalid access token.”}” as a response. How can I get the proper response for that endpoint? Thanks! If relevant, my app uses JWT credentials.

Additionally, I see that the join_url will return{meetingId}. Will using this link show the participants the Zoom UI modifications that I’ve made?

Hey @ameliashort331,

The join_url ({meetingId}) will open the meeting in the Zoom App, not your own website.

You can however make your own link like{meetingId} and in your code you can grab the meetingId and use it to join the meeting the Web SDK in your site.

Does that help?


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