How can I use an invite link to join a meeting using the Web SDK?

We’re building an integration between our platform and Zoom. Users are already registered on our side and will not have Zoom accounts, so I have opted to created a separate join URL using the “Create Meeting’s Invite Links” API.

I was able to create the invite links successfully, but I don’t understand how to use the Web SDK to join the room using the Web SDK. I am using the “Component” integration. I need to create a signature to authenticate, but the only parameter in the join URL is a mysterious “wp” key. I was unable to find any documentation regarding the meaning of this value. It doesn’t appear to be the required signature itself.

How can I use an invite link to join a meeting using the Web SDK?

Note that I am not creating registrants for this integration.

Hi @msoliter, welcome to the Zoom dev community :slight_smile:

The web Meeting SDK can be used to join meetings, but not necessarily using invite links. When you create a meeting using the create meeting API, you get an ID and passcode that you will pass in when you join a meeting in your web app.

The invitation links (or process to join) would be handled by your application. That process might look something like:

  1. Create a meeting
  2. Send an invitation/notification to your users in your application
  3. User clicks “join meeting” in your application
  4. Meeting ID and passcode are used in your app in the .join() method to join the meeting.

Hi Michael, thanks for the response.

To clarify, I can handle the notion of an “invite” myself, completely, since I have access to the meeting’s ID and password. There’s no need to generate invite “links”, unless my application requires them, in which case I can just fetch the necessary parameters and pass them to .join() directly.

Is that correct?

That’s correct, you’ll handle all of this in your app :slight_smile:

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