Creating bot to join and record zoom meeting

Need to get access of zoom cloud meeting of users

We are developing OAuth application, is it possible to join a meeting and get the recording if user invite our bot in the meeting ?
If user can’t install the unpublished app how can a developer test the app for the users, do we need to test everything with our own account ?

Our application

Our application gives minutes of meetings when provided with recordings. We need to get the Zoom integration for users to be able to record the meeting which later can be fetched by our application via webhooks (or any method) and we can email them their meeting minutes. What is the development pathway we need to take to achieve the goal?

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You can configure the meeting to automatically start the cloud recording when the meeting is started. This should help in your case. No bot necessary… Right now there is no way of having a bot join a meeting, we wanted this to give “time announcements” like “you have five more minutes”.

How we can test and develop application if other user can not install the unpublished app ?

This only works with users in your account. You can have multiple users - also unlicensed zoom users - in your account.

Understood, so we need to test our application with users in our account and account must need to have pro or business subscription.
We can only add users in pro zoom account.
Can we get pro account for testing purpose ?

Glad @jahrralf was able to help you, @matsci ! At this time, we don’t offer test accounts or trials. If you wish to test out functionality associated with a Pro license, we recommend purchasing 1 license for a month, and seeing if it suits your needs.


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