Creating instant meetings between a zoom cloud user and a SIP room

Hi, my name is Franco and I’m a software developer who work for a company that has a private instance of zoom running on our own servers.

We work as a bridge between our users and zoom, creating users for them and using the REST API to create an instant zoom meeting and sending the zoom link via email. 

We recently received a request from one of our customers asking to SIP rooms support. After having a few chats with different support agents, one of them suggested to post here so you guys can help me. 

I know that it is required to work with SIP devices, activate a CRC. What we want is to have the CRC on our side and from our application just push a button and create a zoom instant meeting between a cloud user and a SIP room.

After reviewing the REST API i know that i can use an endpoint to create the sip device on zoom but it looks like there are different ways to achieve this specific use case. One of your support agents said: 


We have some customers that do this with a Meeting ID hosted by a Pro user that is set as a Recurring meeting so it does not expire. Then also you would need to enable Join Before Host. You could call into that meeting from the SIP unit with (MeetingID) to join in.


So I’m here guys to ask you for help about what you think is the best way of developing this solution. What i need to have is a new window on my app that list the sip room previously configured in our application and pushing one button to create the zoom instant meeting.


What we have right now is a private zoom cloud and we create a new account for all of our customers and when you click on the create call button, a zoom link is sent to our client via email.


What we need is to have almost the same functionality but using a SIP room as a one of the meeting members.


Any ideas?


Thank you very much in advance for your help. 


P.s. Our app is php running on a LAMP stack 

Franco, there is a good news and … -) 

We do not have an API today to initiate a out dial (or call out) to any external devices (whether it’s SIP or H.323 endpoints OR telephony). What you might be looking for is to send the meeting link to the user, initiate a call out to your configured SIP URI and put them in a meeting. Anything else would provide a sub optimal experience. So, what your customer is asking for now is not quite achievable with our platform.

Now to the good news. We are working on exposing a minimal meeting controls (including the above use case) through a java script library. we will have a beta version out in the next few weeks and you can try the above.

we will keep the community posted on the progress. Look out for the exciting new developer platform features in the coming weeks.

Wei @ Zoom 

Hi, thank you very much for the information. There is any way for you to email me or write a comment here when that javascript library is available?

Thank you very much for all your help and your detailed explanation

Hi Franco,

sure thing, we will make a post in the forum. Please make sure you “follow” the forum so that you can get an update.