Web SDK SIP Call Out Integration

My team is looking to integrate the Zoom Web SDK into our application. One of our core requirements is to have SIP Call Out capabilities. This is available through the Zoom desktop application when clicking on Participants => Invite => Room System => Call Out => Selecting SIP and then choosing an option from a drop-down menu of preset SIP addresses or entering an IP address.

Is there support available for this within the Web SDK platform? I have looked through the Zoom API documentation and have been unable to find support for Calling Out to SIP addresses. In the documentation there exist controllers for SIP Phone and SIP Connected Audio. However these endpoints only describe requests to create, update, delete and list SIP phones. As well as options to assign these SIP addresses to Zoom accounts and sub accounts.

How can I enable SIP Call Out functionality within the Web SDK?

After doing further research into the Web SDK documentation I found this function which I had thought could be used to make SIP call out functionality: https://zoom.github.io/sample-app-web/ZoomMtg.html#inviteCRCDevice

Upon testing this out I am able to call the inviteCRCDevice method and pass in an IP (see question below on this property). I get a response object with a “status” property of True, which according do the documentation means I made a successful call. I assumed that this meant the invite was sent out to the CRC Device successfully.

I assumed that I would then await for the SIP room to accept the call. It appears however that meeting invite never reaches out the SIP room as I see no additional participants join or any response that the SIP room has accepted or declined my invite to join the meeting.

When I call out to a SIP room via the desktop app using the room systems tool, I get immediate feedback and instantly see that the SIP room has accepted my call and is now in the meeting.


Does anyone here have experience with the ZoomMtg.inviteCRCDevice function and know if that is what should be used in order to make SIP call outs via Web SDK? Or if this SIP call out functionality is possible at all with the Web SDK?

There also exists a property of “type” on this ZoomMtg.inviteCRCDevice function yet there is no description of what a “type” is or what integer refers to what “type” so I am unsure of what to pass in here.

Also for the “ip” property what can be passed in here? According to the documentation on SIP dial strings: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/202405539-H-323-SIP-Room-Connector-Dial-Strings

The full SIP dial string format is [Meeting ID].[Password].[Layout].[Host Key]@[IP Address]

Is this what should be passed into the ip property to successfully make a dial out to a SIP Room?

I appreciate any help that can be provided here. My team and I are looking to see if the Web SDK is a viable solution for our product and this SIP call out functionality is a core component we need to support our use cases.

Hi Isolem,

Thank you for your contact.
Currently dialing out (inviting) H.323/SIP endpoints are only possible from UI and “ZoomMtg.inviteCRCDevice” is still under preparation.
So eventually “ZoomMtg.inviteCRCDevice” will have nothing to respond in the current release.
We don’t have the exact time line so I would recommend you to monitor our ChangeLog for any further updates https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/guides/stay-up-to-date/changelog

Apologize for the confusion and we will also make sure to update our Reference Document as well.


Hi Yosuke,

You mention that “Currently dialing out (inviting) H.323/SIP endpoints are only possible from UI”. Does that mean the Zoom Web SDK UI control panel? Where you click on the invite button on the menu on the bottom of a live meeting, go over to room systems and then have an option to enter an IP and dial out to a SIP room. See Screenshot.

I have tried to use this functionality as well. When I dial out to a registered SIP endpoint on my zoom pro account, the UI says “Ringing” and then nothing else happens. On the console and network tab when I have my web developer tools open, I see no API calls being made.

Are you saying this functionality should be working here? Or when you refer to UI are you just talking about the desktop application?

Thanks for your previous reply. Looking forward to the next one.


Hi Luke,

Make sure you have the H.323/SIP Connector (CRC) option on your account.
Also make sure that the far-end endpoint can be accessed globally. (In other words make sure regular Zoom Client can make an invite to the same endpoint)

If everything goes well, WebSDK can make an invite to like shown on these screenshots.


Hi Yosuke,

I have the H.323/SIP Connector (CRC) option available on my account. I am able to access that far-end endpoint globally as I can invite the SIP room via the Regular Zoom Client. I am still having issues inviting the SIP room through the web SDK control panel. I am running version 1.8. I have tried both the CDN and Local sample apps.

I just get the “Ring” visual as you have shown in your screenshot yet I get no verification that the invite went through to the endpoint nor do I ever see a SIP room join the call.

When I invite the SIP room through the regular Zoom client I see the SIP room join almost immediately.

Are you just running the default CDN Web SDK Sample application?


Hi Luke, In that case, I may need to have you share your environment.
Lets hop back to the developersupport side and have further investigation.


Resolved by enabling the license to the user who scheduled the meeting.