Creating multiple meetings using a single user

Hey, I’m curious regarding meeting creation, I am trying to create a vast amount of meeting URLs using the rest API, around a 100 meeting URLs. I am using my own user. The purpose is for sending them pre-made to multiple users to join without me as a host.

In general orchestrating creation of meetings without a user having to create a meeting on his own using his user or having to login to my app using Oauth.

I’ve checked and was able to create multiple meeting users via API, but I’m curious how will function on larger scale and limitations. I am not interested in creating an account level app because users joining these meetings will not be users under my account.

Hi @alon.carmel, without OAuth permissions, you will not be able to create a meeting on behalf of another user.

If you create meetings for your user, you will be the host of those meetings. Other users outside your account can join before the host, but they cannot be made host without you joining and assigning this privilege to them.