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I’m trying to use API to manage (create, edit, put a schedule, etc…) the meetings of 500-1000 users.
Is not a meeting of 500 participants.
Are 500 users that with my web can manage his meetings. For example: create one at specific day at specific hour and invite other users.

So, my question are:

I read that only can be 1 meeting concurrently by host licenses.
But if I add this 500 users with basic licenses to my account ( 500 free licenses ). Then i can call API as a specific user ? I mean, if i have his basic account data, whene i call API to create meeting i can make them the host?
I need for this a specific licenses ?

I’m a bit confused about the difference between SDK Web, JWT and OAuth.
Which one would best suit this case?

Thanx all.

Hi @MBS_Adria,

Thanks for reaching out, and happy to help clarify.

First, I should note that you can add basic/free users under your account. You can have up to 9,999 users under a Zoom account.

As long as the user belongs under your Zoom account, you can create meetings on their behalf, via API. For this, I would recommend utilizing JWT authorization. You can find more details on generating your credentials for that here.

If a user belongs under your account, you can specify their email or userId in the request URL for our Create Meeting API, and authenticate the request with JWT credentials from your account:

You can create meetings under free users, but these meetings will be limited to 40 meetings, unless they’re 1:1.

Let me know if you have additional questions about this.


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