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How does the zoom interpret the monthly_week value while creating a meeting? Suppose that “1st of the month " starts on Thursday. Does zoom considers 1-7 as “weeknumber1”, 8-14 as “weeknumber2” and so on… (or) Is it always that “Monday” is considered to be the starting of a week”

Kindly refer to the above-attached screenshots of the approaches that might be followed by Zoom to interpret the week number (“monthly_week”). Please let me know. We are in the middle of integrating ZOOM into our application.

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Coz potentially there might be a chance in “AppraochOne.png” that there might be 6 weeks in a given month at some point of time and we can pass only 5 values to the “monthly_week” field as [1-4] and -1 for last week. This might be a problem when a month supposedly has 6 weeks.

Hey @rajeevrevada,

If you use monthly_week without monthly_week_day the week will start on the first of the month in this scenario and extend to Sunday.

This means that you would use the following monthly_week values:

Week 1: 1
Week 2: 2
Week 3: 3
Week 4: 4
Week 5: -1

Let me know if that helps.


Hey @MaxM , But the api says if I were to use “monthly_week” I should use “monthly_week_day” in combination and vice-versa. What would be the interpretation then? Attaching screenshot for reference


Hey @rajeevrevada,

It’s the same scenario except it starts on the day that you choose for monthly_week_day. If you pick the first Tuesday and that has already passed, the start date will be on the following month/day that lines up with the recurrence.


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