FR: Monthly Meeting with multiple dates

Some suggestion for Create Meeting API:

API reference:

Currently there is no way where I can provide multiple dates for a single month if I am creating recurrence meeting of Monthly type.

For exa. If my meeting is occurring on 1st and 2nd dates of every month then I can only pass either 1 or 2 in “monthly_day” parameter because it is type of Integer. So in this case I will have to create 2 different meetings in Zoom. Now suppose someone is keeping the mapping of the Zoom meeting to their product’s event/meeting then they will have to map 2 Zoom meetings to a single event.

Here is the JSON of recurrence where this feature is required,

"recurrence": {
    "type": "integer",
    "repeat_interval": "integer",
    "weekly_days": "string",
    "**monthly_day**": "integer",
    "monthly_week": "integer",
    "monthly_week_day": "integer",
    "end_times": "integer",
    "end_date_time": "string [date-time]"