Creating the meeting with time format "2023-01-14T00:00:00" and timezone does not work

Most of all time formats work in the following format:

But if it is midnight (00:00:00) simply does not works, and created link will be created at current time.

So what is actually the correct format to create a meeting with local time?

@oleg1, Here is the session where I created meetings using above mentioned DateTime format.

And here is how to create a passwordless Zoom meeting using REST API.

HI @oleg1

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum.
Here is a screenshot of our Docs, have you looked into the timezone ID list to make sure that you are passing the proper ID for the timezone you are trying to use?


Thanks Eliza, I am actually using the format as per docs, but it does not works if it is midnight in question (00:00:00)

Can you give me an example of working time if it is midnight?

I fixed it by setting the time 00:00:01

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