One of our client reported "Incorrect time on the Zoom meeting"

Meeting scheduled at 12:10 pm with time zone ‘America/Los_Angeles’ but attendee sees different time ‘8.10 AM Eastern Daylight time’. Please find attached image for reference.

Can someone please let us know why this is happening.

Below is our createmeeting request php code

public function createAMeeting( $host_id,$data = array() ){
      $post_time = $data['start_time'];
      $start_time = date("Y-m-d\TH:i:s\Z", strtotime($post_time));

      $createAMeetingArray = array();
      $createAMeetingArray['topic'] = $data['topic'];
      $createAMeetingArray['type'] = $data['type'];
      $createAMeetingArray['start_time'] = $start_time;
      $createAMeetingArray['password'] = $data['password'] ? $data['password'] : NULL;
      $createAMeetingArray['duration'] = $data['duration'];
      $createAMeetingArray['settings']['join_before_host'] = $data['join_before_host'] ? true : false;
      $createAMeetingArray['settings']['host_video'] = $data['host_video'] ? true : false;
      $createAMeetingArray['settings']['participant_video'] = $data['participant_video'] ? true : false;
	  $createAMeetingArray['settings']['alternative_hosts'] = $data['alternative_hosts'];
	  $send_action = 'users/'.$host_id.'/meetings';
      return $this->sendRequest($send_action,'POST', $createAMeetingArray);

Hi @Dora_Reddy ,

Can you try this request again by setting the timezone value in the body as “America/Los_Angeles”? If this field is not set it will take the host user’s default setting. Here is the acceptable timezones list for reference.

Thanks for the reply. Is it mandatory to pass timezone in creating meeting API?
If i didn’t pass the timezone what default timezone zoom will set it?

Hey @Dora_Reddy,

It’s not mandatory but it should be used if you’re looking to set a specific timezone for a meeting.

That depends on how you configure the start_time parameter when using the Create a Meeting API:

Let me know if you have any questions.


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