Creating webinar sometimes creates a duplicate

Applies to: some, but not all users
Issue: With 2 of our users, webinars created are being created twice
Helpful details: This doesn’t happen with all users, and we believe we’ve thoroughly tested our code to be certain that it’s not happening on our end (we’ve tried VERY hard to make it happen on our end with double clicking, etc). Since it also is only happening to some user accounts, it’s proving difficult to figure out.

The resulting error is that sometimes a duplicate is created, and sometimes it isn’t.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
We use JWT and Webhooks

Which Endpoint/s?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
We send the request using PHP cURL

Screenshots (If applicable)
This is a screenshot of the cURL call to the API if helpful.

We are looking for some ideas on how we might figure out where this is going wrong. Of course it could still be on our end, or if there’s something that is known with the API that we should know about, etc. Just a bit stuck here and we’ve thoroughly looked into what we can.


Hey @psanders,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. I’m not aware of any known issues that can cause webinars to be intermittently duplicated. That’s not to say it isn’t possible though.

Are you able to provide the IDs of webinars that were duplicates of each other? Also, are you logging the requests when they go out? I would make sure that you aren’t seeing two PHP cURL log entries.

If you are logging the requests, please send a relevant snippet of the log to me so that I can review it further.


Hi Max,

Here is the info requested from my devs:

First Example

Time - 2PM

Webinar Id - 941 5316 5519

Time - 2PM

Webinar Id - 932 3676 1159

Second Example

Time - 2PM

Webinar Id - 915 8228 5296

Time - 2PM

Webinar Id - 993 5139 7954

Third Example

Time - 2PM

Webinar Id - 977 7195 4414

Time - 2PM

Webinar Id - 965 4807 4362

Also just to clarify the curl logging you asked about: While we don’t log the actual curl call, the very next line in our code after getting the response does create the entry in the database. We call the webinar/create function as the last thing we do before storing it’s response with our POST values.

Hey @psanders,

Thank you for providing additional information. I looked into these webinars and I was able to see them in your Web Portal but interestingly, half of them didn’t come up in our internal system.

I was able to find these Webinars in our system: 941 5316 5519, 915 8228 5296 and 965 4807 4362

Therefore, I wasn’t able to find these: 977 7195 4414, 993 5139 7954 and 932 3676 1159

I’m thinking this is an issue on our end but in order to demonstrate it to our engineering team, I’ll need a way to reproduce the issue. Are you able to reproduce this issue in cURL or Postman outside of your application?

Also, for debugging purposes, is it possible that you’re making calls to the Create a Webinar API in quick succession?


Our dev wasn’t able to reproduce it with postman.

It’s certainly possible that we are making calls in quick succession but we feel like we’d be also seeing that create 2 database entries on our end as they are within 1 line of each other.

Would it be helpful if I privately messaged you a login and a video on where to go in the system to try to reproduce? Or hop on a zoom meeting?

Hey @psanders,

Thank you for testing that! Please send an email to with a link to this thread and any information you would like to share.

I’ll investigate the issue further from there.


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