Webhook app firing multiple times


Can you please help to investigate the issue why is our “webhook only” app firing several times for the same webinar registrants.
App name - Zoom new regs to Salesforce
Event type - webinar.registration_created

Thank you!

Hey @dmccevents01,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and happy to help.

As a first step, can I kindly ask if you have more than 1 app under your account, can you double check that you haven’t subscribed to the same event under any of your other apps?

A few other things to check as well:

  • Were the registrants created more than once? (e.g., more than 1 request to create the same registrant)
  • Do you have more than 1 app associated with your endpoint?

Let me know when you have a chance! Thanks,

Hi @will.zoom

  1. Yes, we have only one created app under our account.
  2. I’ve checked the webinar reports and I do not see the duplicate registrations.

Thank you for your help!

Hi @dmccevents01,

Thank you for confirming. As a next step, can you please share an example of these duplicate payloads you’re receiving? You can share these directly with us at developersupport@zoom.us. Please also share your app’s Client ID.

This will help us to take a closer look—thanks!

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