Custom Emojis for use in Team Chat

I’m feeling frustrated about the current limitations regarding emoji usage in Team Chat, particularly the inability to add emojis that aren’t part of the basic Windows installation. To enhance the overall user experience, I believe there are a couple of potential solutions worth considering.

Firstly, the ideal approach would be to allow end-users to upload and use emojis, a feature that’s commonplace in most other chat systems. This would provide maximum flexibility and personalization. However, I understand that there might be concerns about emoji content, so a second, more controlled option could involve enabling developers to create custom emoji packs for Zoom users. Admins could then choose which emoji packs are acceptable, striking a balance between customization and moderation.

Additionally, I’d like to highlight that while the Team Chat emoji UI mentions stickers, it’s important to clarify that stickers and emojis serve distinct purposes. Stickers are essentially images with a different usage context.

In summary, while we await a more user-friendly emoji solution, exploring these alternatives could significantly enhance the Team Chat experience.