Custom UI for Android removing Toast, Dialogs

  1. I have implemeted custom UI for meeting where i want to perform some action by clicking anywhere on the screen. Right now its not letting me to do so, seems like click is disabled even if i create a click on my outer custom layout.

  2. I want to remove Toasts that gets triggered on onChatReceived.

  3. I want to remove the default dialog that appears on the screen post meetingEndedByHost.

Any leads will be of great help! Thanks.

Hi pradeep,

Thanks for the post. Regarding your questions:

  1. If you design your own meeting UI via Custom UI, you should be able to control everything, including action. What is your meeting activity look like? Could you elaborate a little bit more?
  2. The toast won’t show up under the Custom UI mode.
  3. You could use ZoomMeetingUISettingHelper.getMeetingOptions().no_meeting_end_message to hide the dialog.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

So in my layout, i have included

on Top of this layout i have my custom layout which consists buttons. Here i dont get the click event on the screen. Could you please help me with these? Thanks!

Hi pradeep,

Thanks for the reply. It sounds like you are customizing Zoom default UI, not the custom UI that needs you to draw everything by yourself. In the Custom UI mode, you should be able to define your own actions and layout. We do not support changing the actions in Zoom default UI.

Hope this helps. Thanks!