Launching Cutom UI after joining meeting?

Hey guys, this question may have been asked previously and I consulted with other asked questions but I can’t seem to find a solution. I’m trying to launch a Custom UI after joining a meeting but it just doesn’t launch.
I did all the necessary steps like enabling ZoomSDK.getInstance().getMeetingSettingsHelper().setCustomizedMeetingUIEnabled(true);, extending the MeetingActivity class, or adding the config.xml file, but it still isn’t working. Thought maybe someone could help me here.

Hi vp94,

The Custom UI is not available for all account. You may call isCustomizedMeetingUIEnabled to check whether your account support Custom UI.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hi Carson_Chen,

Thanks for your answer. I called isCustomizedMeetingUIEnabled and it sent back true. So I don’t know what the problem might be here.

Hi Carson,

I fixed the problem. Thanks!

Hi vp94,

Glad to hear that you found the solution. Happy Zooming! :slight_smile: